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Military Ambush Gone Wrong [VIDEO]

military ambush gone wrong

If you are going to ambush the United States military you better do it right. Check out this military ambush gone wrong.

It’s not every day that civilians get to see what troops actually go through in combat. But when we do it is usually quite amazing.

Check out this awesome footage of a military ambush gone wrong.

As you can see, these military members are working their way up a road when they are ambushed by some troops hidden in nearby buildings.

Fortunately for the American soldiers, the RPG that was initially fired towards them missed and they were able to quickly close in on the buildings.

Unfortunately the video cuts off right before the troops actually infiltrate the buildings but you can use your imagination to determine how it actually ends.

Based on the training and reaction times, I think we can all imagine that it doesn’t end well for the ambushers.

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Military Ambush Gone Wrong [VIDEO]