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Miley Cyrus Uses Celebrity Status in Bid to Halt British Columbia Wolf Cull [PICS]

The Huffington Post

Miley Cyrus asked her 28.8 million Instagram followers to sign a petition to put an end to the British Columbia wolf cull. She then visited the region to see the wolves for herself.

Although the closest Miley Cyrus got to seeing wolves was their tracks, her recent visit to British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest was enough to convince the pop princess that the wolf cull needs to stop.

Pacific Wild, a conservation group that opposes the wolf cull, hosted Cyrus for the weekend. They visited the area around Klemtu, meeting with wolf experts and local First Nations.

The B.C. government is currently on the second year of a five-year strategy aimed at saving endangered caribou by killing wolves. It plans to increase the cull number this winter.

Sharpshooters in helicopters shot 84 wolves last winter in the northeast and southeast regions. Its goal was 200.


The South Selkirk caribou herd had just 18 animals in March 2014, down from 46 in 2009, the government said. There are about 950 caribou in seven herds in the northeast, with wolves responsible for 40 percent of deaths in four of those herds.

Although science suggests this is a sound strategy, the government admits there are no guarantees.

Premier Christy Clark reacted strongly to Cyrus’s call to end the wolf cull earlier in the month, saying she did not know enough about the B.C. environmental plan to be getting into the debate.

The Huffington Post

It is believed this “challenge” convinced Cyrus to visit the area and educate herself on the issues at hand.

“The reason why I’m here is I want to see the wolf cull ended,” said Cyrus, who admitted that “I’m not a biologist. I’m a pop star. That’s ridiculous. But that’s given me such a platform.”

The Pacific Wild petition to end the wolf cull has grown to more than 200,000 signatures since Cyrus made her Instagram plea.

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Miley Cyrus Uses Celebrity Status in Bid to Halt British Columbia Wolf Cull [PICS]