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Hunting Community Bashing Taken to New Low When Miley Cyrus Goes to Instagram

Superstar Miley Cyrus shares her polarizing opinion of hunting.

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to the spotlight and capturing the attention of well, just about everybody.

Earlier this week, she had some vulgar things to say regarding the hunting community.

Miley shared hateful comments with her 38 million Instagram followers targeting, Donald Trump, Kendall Jones, and Rebecca Francis.

Miley Instagram

The original caption of the post stated, "This is pure sisterhood in action! I was guiding my girl Tad on a moose hunt and we took this pic after all the hard work was done."

Miley was happy with the photo and was concerned about our future, but maybe Miley has forgotten about the true roots of humans. Hunting may have had something to do with it.

What this says about the state of education when it comes to conservation and hunting's role in it is overwhelming. A new low has been reached, and far more followers than any hunting community on Instagram just got exposed to these beliefs.

Miley Ftd

Miley is clearly not a supporter of Donald Trump, or hunting, for that matter.

Kendall Jones has found the spotlight after the many death threats from posting a Lion harvest picture. Those threats are still rolling in. The Texas A & M cheerleader has caught the attention of the anti hunting community once again.

Many individuals have refuted with Miley by reminding everyone that she has been known to wear very lavish fur coats.

Miley and stuffed animal
Love Is An Animal

What are your thoughts about the lashing Miley Cyrus delivered to these hunters?


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Hunting Community Bashing Taken to New Low When Miley Cyrus Goes to Instagram