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Miley Cyrus Goes on Anti-Hunting Rant, Condemns Kendall Jones, Rebecca Francis

In her recent Instagram posts, Miley Cyrus took photos shared by Kendall Jones and Rebecca Francis and used them in an anti-hunting, political rant.

The anti-hunting community is wide and grows wider every single day, fueled with less than educated, hate filled messages often typed from behind the protection of a computer keyboard. While Miley Cyrus has long been anti-hunter, her inappropriate response to it reached an all-time high yesterday when she went after two of the big game hunting community’s strongest female role models: Kendall Jones and Rebecca Francis.

In her posts, each laced with more profanity than the last, Cyrus screenshots photos of Jones and Francis each holding their personal kills in the field.

WARNING: These posts contain explicit language

Here is Cyrus’ commentary on Kendall Jones:

Apparently since this post was released, Cyrus edited her wrath, erasing lines in which she called Kendall Jones evil.

And here are her two posts regarding Rebecca Francis:

Yes . That is a tear rolling down my cheek dripping off the end of my nose….. This makes me so unbelievable scared and sad…. Not only for our country but for animals that I love more than anything in this world…. My heart is broken into a 100000 pieces ….. I think I may vomit …. That picture on the right is so disturbing…. YOU are not destiny! It is not your job to decide when a living things life is over …. & YOU DT ARE NOT GOD NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! (& if he doesn’t think he is “God” he thinks he is the fucking chosen one or some shit! We’re all just fucking jam between his rich ass toes! Honestly fuck this shit I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean! )

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She links Francis to Donald Trump in both posts.

I’m gonna puke ….. This what our future looks like with DT

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Kendall Jones and Rebecca Francis have both faced this kind of backlash before. Francis was the victim of a social media attack launched by Ricky Gervais who questioned her sanity as she laid next to a giraffe in the field.

Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader, was the victim of an anti-hunter crusade after photos of her African hunting kills went viral.

However, in light of this backlash, both huntresses still stand by their ethical, legal hunts, despite the lack of conservation knowledge from the anti-hunting community.



Texas Tech Cheerleader Criticized for Hunting Endangered Animals in Africa [UPDATE]

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Miley Cyrus Goes on Anti-Hunting Rant, Condemns Kendall Jones, Rebecca Francis