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Mild Winters Could Produce Best Idaho Deer Hunting Season In Years

mild idaho winter mule deer

A series of mild winters, combined with great conditions during the spring and summer, could result in a great Idaho deer hunting season.

If you’re hunting in Idaho this year, I’ve got great news for you: it could be a banner deer hunting season.

Fish & Game biologists are predicting an outstanding 2014 Idaho deer hunting season due to a combination of factors, including several mild winters, and good conditions during the spring and summer this year.

These conditions have boosted deer survival rates, as well as antler growth for deer all over the state.

“Opportunities like this don’t happen very often,” said Daryl Meints, regional wildlife manager for Fish & Game. “Sportsmen should take advantage of this while it is available; it could all change this winter.”

Idaho Fish & Game biologists are reporting 78% of mule deer fawns survived last winter, which is the highest survival rate in over 10 years. Since harsh winter conditions are normally the toughest on the very young and aged members of a population, the high fawn survival rate also likely means a higher survival rate for older bucks and does. As a result, there should be more deer in the woods this year.

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Many areas of Idaho are also reporting higher populations of whitetail deer in addition to mule deer. Because of this, Idaho Fish & Game is predicting very high, possibly record setting harvest rates this year.

Due to the larger than normal deer numbers across the state, Idaho Fish & Game has even approved a discount for hunters looking to purchase a second deer tag this year.

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Mild Winters Could Produce Best Idaho Deer Hunting Season In Years