Mike Rowe Goes Hunting for Rats in New York City with Dogs

Rats far outnumber humans in New York City and have been without a natural predator, until now that is.

A cast of average everyday citizens has formed an unlikely urban hunting club. The team unleashes (not literally) their household dogs in the dark of night in the Big Apple to ferret out the disease carrying pests. Otherwise  mild-mannered pooches transform into blood thirsty rat killing machines.

Watch as Mike Rowe of 'Dirty Jobs' fame joins the crew for a night on the town.

60 rats in one hour's worth of hunting; that's a pretty good bag! The team knows they'll never put an end to New York's rat infestation, but they're using the data gained from the rats to inform mitigation efforts. They also have an apt name for their posse: R.A.T.S. (Ryder's Alley Trencher-fed Society).

As I watched, I was reminded how innately wired we are for the hunt. Even the most urban of city dwellers can't deny the rush they felt tracking down these vermin or how satisfied they were with their dogs as hunting partners. Not only is hunting natural for dogs, it is for people too.

Catch more of Mike Rowe and the unique folks that make our country great on his CNN show, 'Somebody's Got to Do It.'

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