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Mighty Wetterhorn Avalanche in Swiss Alps Caught on Film [VIDEO]

Behold the awesome power and terrifying beauty of a recent avalanche cascading from the Wetterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps. 

Viewing a monstrous avalanche on film is awe-inspiring enough. One can only imagine how incredible it must have been to be there in person as it was happening.

Imagine the roar of thousands of tons of snow and ice hurtling over the edge of the Wetterhorn mountain, some 12,000 feet high, as a heaving and ever-expanding cloud of white races down and out from the foot of the mountain. A computer screen and audio surely cannot do it justice.

Still, it doesn’t take much to imagination to see that such an event is magnificent.

What makes this particular avalanchea fairly common occurance in the Swiss Alpsdoubly impressive is the stark contrast in color of the short film.

Brilliant blue skies and green hills at the foot of the mountain make a fantastic backdrop for billowing clouds of the whitest white you could imagine.

The film was reportedly recorded only this past weekend from the area of the village of Grindelwald, which lies near the feet of the Eiger, Mettenberg and Wetterhorn mountains (image below).

Planet Ware

The Wetterhorn and its sibling summitsthe Mittelhorn and Rosenhornhave been the subject of numerous heroic tales of triumph and tragedy since the mid-1800s. Sir Winston Churchill himself ascended the mountain in 1894.

Pretty dang cool.

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Mighty Wetterhorn Avalanche in Swiss Alps Caught on Film [VIDEO]