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This Might Be the Worst Anti-Gun PSA Yet [VIDEO]

Anti-Gun advocates rarely hold back when trying to get their point across, but they have clearly crossed a line.

Watch this video from Sleeper 13 Productions, and think about this one.


After watching this video, it seems clear that the anti-gun groups involved in this PSA are worried more about their agenda than the kids that might watch this video.

They clearly state in the video that they are trying to “stop gun violence now” because “our children deserve a safe world.”

The message they are sending to our kids is to steal the gun from your parents, take it to school with you, pull it out in front of your teacher and lay it on her desk, and then tell her you don’t feel safe.

Yeah, that won’t backfire.

How is it possible that not a single person releasing this PSA didn’t think about the apparent dangers this has for our kids?

This is what the filmmaker, Rejina Sincic, had to say to  Yahoo! Parenting

Kids shouldn’t have access to firearms in their homes. Violent crimes have been committed by children who wrongfully had access to firearms. Society as a whole should take stricter measures to keep guns out of the hands of children.

What about a felony for stealing a firearm, or getting kicked out of school for bringing a gun?

Great advice Rejina.

Both sides of the gun debate are in disbelief by this atrocity and so-called PSA, and actually agree how awful this video is. Can you believe both sides of the gun debate are actually agreeing on something? Me either.

All it took was for someone to make the worst anti-gun PSA ever to surface.

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This Might Be the Worst Anti-Gun PSA Yet [VIDEO]