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This Might Be the World’s First Spinning Campfire

Some enterprising folks on some frozen water have shared their spinning campfire with us. The only question is, how does it work?

Leave it to some hardy outdoorsmen to reinvent the way we enjoy the warmth of our fire.

Here's a tried and true twist on the everyday bonfire we usually sit around with a beer and friends. The only question is, how did they do it, and is it safe?

This is very cool and while it's certainly been done before, this is the first time that it has been seen by many.

It was probably made by using a chainsaw to cut the circle - that would be one way to do it. The spinning motion can be created artificially by machines, like an ATV or some other vehicle, depending on the thickness of the ice. Some have even suggested a trolling motor to keep it going while others say it's simply the underlying current.

As far as the campfire melting the ice - I've been a part of many hard-water bonfires and the issue at the bottom of the fire next to the ice is more one of a small amount of melt water interfering with the fire's capacity to burn.

Even at that, anytime you cut enough of the ice away for it to move like that, extreme caution should be used. Don't let a good time get in the way of safety!

Cheers to these folks for sharing and many more spinning-campfires in their future!


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This Might Be the World’s First Spinning Campfire