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This Might be the Best Fish Mount You’ll Ever See

This sawfish is the best fish mount around.

Gray Taxidermy is billed as the the world’s largest taxidermy company. With a sawfish mount that you are about to see, their tagline continuing to perfect the art of mounting fish, couldn’t be more true.

As soon as Gray Taxidermy posted this mount on their Facebook page, negative comments started flooding in. Watch this clip of the mount and see if you can guess why.

If you were like me, or many of the other viewers who saw this video, the fact I was watching a video of a sawfish mount was a little strange. You see, sawfish are an endangered species and keeping them is against the law. As it turns out, I was also quite surprised when I found out the truth as well.

Due to multiple complaints about the very topic above, Gray Taxidermy posted a statement on their site about this fish.

We have had some people ask if this is the real fish or if the fish was killed to make this custom mount. For clarification this is a full size reproduction and the fish was released. The angler just provided us with the size and specs and the process was started.

I’ve seen a lot of replicas. That sawfish is by far is the best fish mount I have ever seen. That thing is just simply incredible.

Awesome job, guys!


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This Might be the Best Fish Mount You’ll Ever See