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11-Foot Alligator Living Behind Florida Middle School Finally Captured

middle school gator
NBC Miami

This behemoth middle school gator is no joke.

Alligators seem to be every where nowadays and it’s probably because they are hearty beasts. They also seem to get transferred from place to place by us humans.

This Falcon Cove Middle School gator probably just grew up in the area in Davie, Fla., because gators can live almost anywhere in the Sunshine state.

But how did it get so big living near children before people decided to do something about it?

The 11-foot, 450-pound brute was captured by Davie Police Department in a canal by a bike trail.

If you’re not careful, some might mistake the prehistoric animal as a crocodile. Don’t be fooled. It is, in fact, an alligator, and the head is big enough to swallow a small animal whole.

The officer said that it is not uncommon for alligators to move often during breeding season. They especially get calls at night, but remind people not to feed the gators, so that they will not get used to human interaction.

The police said that the gator will probably be relocated to an alligator farm.

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11-Foot Alligator Living Behind Florida Middle School Finally Captured