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Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Has New Antlerless Deer Restrictions for Bowhunters

Michigan Public Broadcasting

Michigan’s DNR enacts new rules affecting bowhunters hunting antlerless deer in the Upper Peninsula.

New changes are affecting archers hunting anterless deer for the 2015-16 season in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) made the decision to eliminate the harvesting of antlerless deer during archery season for hunters who have deer or deer combo licenses in the U.P. This new rule allows bowhunters to take antlered bucks only.

They reached this decision as part of a effort to help out the U.P. with their struggling deer populations. Their populations have dropped to low levels after three severe winters and some over-hunting. Bowhunters have taken roughly 5,000-6,300 deer from the area over the past four years.

The only hunters exempt from this new rule are those with private-land antlerless deer licenses. They may still take antlerless deer during any part of the season within the three areas that will be open to it. These areas include various parts of Menominee, Delta, Marquette, Iron, and Dickinson Counties.

Hunters can return deer and deer combo licenses for other licenses until September 20 when deer season begins. After that point they are considered “used” and will not be refunded.

There will be no antlerless deer permits available for any state, county, or federally managed land in the U.P. this season.

For more information on the new regulations they have started a Frequently Asked Questions page, or you can visit the Michigan DNR website.

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Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Has New Antlerless Deer Restrictions for Bowhunters