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Michigan’s Public Wolf Hunt Has 19 Kills This Season

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources  has confirmed 19 wolf kills in the state’s Upper Peninsula wolf hunt, taking place from November 15 to December 31, 2013.

The public wolf hunt calls for a total of 43 wolf kills, and is restricted to three specific sections of Michigan’s U.P.

Today the state Department of Natural Resources reported 5 total wolf kills in the far western section, 11 in the central section, and 3 in the Eastern section.

The wolf hunt rules limit one wolf per hunter. Hunters participating in the wolf hunt are allowed to use firearms, crossbows, and bow and arrows.

To learn more about Michigan wolf hunting, check out our recent post on the subject.

The hunt will run through December, unless the 43 kill quota is met before the end of the season. Hunters are also required to phone in their kills the day of the harvest, and present the wolf within 72 hours to official NRC check stations throughout the region.

Last July, Michigan declared wolves as a game species. The state enacted the wolf hunt as a way to protect residents, pets and livestock at risk of danger in the U.P.

The state estimates the current winter time wolf population at 658.

For more info about the wolf hunt rules and regulations, click here.


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Michigan’s Public Wolf Hunt Has 19 Kills This Season