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Michigan's New State Record Smallmouth Bass is Incredible!

Bruce Kraemer/Michigan DNR

Michigan's new state record smallmouth bass is an absolute monster! 

As of last Sunday, Michigan has a new state record smallmouth bass in the books. Bruce Kraemer from Treasure Island, Florida has been fishing the Indian River in Cheboygan County for a long time, and finally got his payoff.

Kraemer's record catch measured up at 23.10 inches and weighed in at an incredible 9.98 pounds. Any fisherman that has ever pursued smallmouth bass knows that a fish that size is a fish of a lifetime.

"I usually spend June through the end of September up here at the cottage," said Kraemer. "I've got some great fish stories and some nice fish, but nothing like this."

new state record smallmouth bass
Bruce Kraemer/Michigan DNR

The record catch was verified by Tim Cwalinksi from Michigan's Department of Natural Resources. Cwalinksi is a fisheries biologist in Gaylord and an expert on the topic.

The new record fish shattered the previous state record that was set back in October, 2015 by Greg Gasiciel. Gasiciel's fish was 9.33 pounds and 24.50 inches long. His fish has Kraemer's new record beaten in length by over and inch, but weighed .65 pounds less. Since Michigan's state fishing records are recognized by weight only, Gasiciel's fish gives way to Kraemer's monster.

To qualify for a state record in Michigan, a fish must exceed the current state record weight and the catch must be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist.

What is amazing is that prior to Gasiciel's record, the previous record stood since 1906. Looks like Michigan is doing pretty well managing their smallmouth fishery.

Jim Dexter, head of the DNR Fisheries Division, explains,"In just the last four years, anglers have caught a total of 16 state-record fish, a remarkable number of big fish in a relatively short time. This is just more evidence that Michigan is home to a healthy, robust fishery."

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Michigan's New State Record Smallmouth Bass is Incredible!