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Michigan’s Last Elk Hunt of the Year a Success

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The last elk hunt of 2015 closed Dec. 13 in Michigan.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the final hunt of the year was a success.

The DNR reports that 92 percent of hunters harvested an elk during the Dec. 5-13 season. A total of 46 elk were taken.

The last elk season of the year was open in all elk units in northern counties of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, according to the DNR.

Hunters were selected by random, weighted lottery. The DNR says more than 31,000 hunters applied to hunt elk in 2015. One hundred licenses for elk were available in 2015, 50 in both the early and late seasons.

The DNR says that each elk hunter had to attend elk orientation in Johannesburg. The session covered elk hunting, regulations, biology and elk history in the state.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt, and our goal is for every hunter to have a safe, enjoyable experience,” said DNR wildlife biologist Shelby Hiestand. “Most hunters have never hunted elk before, and may not be familiar with areas in northern Michigan. Elk orientation is a great time to get to talk to hunters and answer any of their questions.”

Weather conditions were not typical for the last elk hunt of the year, Hiestand said. She said that in a typical year, the area has lots of snow that aids tracking elk and spotting the animals.

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Michigan’s Last Elk Hunt of the Year a Success