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Michigan's Elk License Lottery System Explained

Do you put your name in the Michigan elk license every year to no avail and want an explanation?

If the annual elk lottery system goes by every year and your name isn't called, don't worry, your application isn't getting lost in the mail.

In fact, if you've applied for the elk tag more than once, you have a better chance of drawing that tag of a lifetime.

Here is the Michigan's elk license lottery system explained:

The lottery system is weighted so that every time you apply for the tag, your chances are higher for getting drawn. Over 31,000 hunters apply for an elk tag for a a number of licenses that vary each year according to population numbers.

Once you are drawn for an antlerless elk license, you hope, then you are ineligible for 10 future draws. If you draw a general elk license, then you are ineligible for life and will have to go out of state to hunt for elk. Unless you win the Pure Michigan Hunt.

The Pure Michigan Hunt is a hunting package lottery that includes licenses for spring and fall turkey, antlerless deer, bear, elk, and first pick at a managed waterfowl hunting area.

If you draw an elk tag and win the Pure Michigan Hunt package, then you are probably the luckiest hunter ever.

If you draw an elk tag but are feeling charitable, then you can transfer your hunt to someone with an advanced illness or a youth that applied but didn't draw a tag.

Learn more about Michigan elk hunting opportunities at the Department of Natural Resources page. You can check your chances in the drawing and see past lottery stats.

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Michigan's Elk License Lottery System Explained