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Michigan’s 2015 Black Lake Sturgeon Season Only Lasts 5.5 Hours

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Most people who enjoy hunting and fishing wish the season would last a little longer.

It never seems like there’s enough time. Now, imagine a fishing season lasting only five-and-a-half hours.

The 2015 Black Lake sturgeon harvest season ended after less than five and a half hours Saturday, Feb. 7, with five fish being caught. Black Lake is located in Cheboygan and Presque Isle counties in Northern Michigan.

The season, which allowed for spearing and hook-and-line fishing, was scheduled for Feb. 7-11 or until the quota of five fish had been reached.

“The 2015 sturgeon fishing season on Black Lake was a success, from the angler participation, the Sturgeon Shivaree event, to the harvest,” said Brenda Archambo, president of the Black Lake Chapter of Sturgeon For Tomorrow. “This entire weekend shows the link lake sturgeon have to this area, not only biologically, but socially and culturally. We look forward to upcoming years working collaboratively in planning and facilitating future events.”

Rehabilitation of lake sturgeon in the Cheboygan River watershed is a cooperative effort involving the Department of Natural Resources, the Black Lake Chapter of Sturgeon For Tomorrow, Michigan State University and Tower-Kleber Limited Partnership.

There were 303 registered anglers on the ice for the short season, up from 228 the year before. Four of the five fish taken had been captured several times before by Michigan State University and DNR sturgeon researchers during spring spawning runs.


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Michigan’s 2015 Black Lake Sturgeon Season Only Lasts 5.5 Hours