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This is How Michiganders Go Bear Hunting [VIDEO]

This black bear hunting video out of Michigan demonstrates how clean archery can be. 

Filmed in September of this year, this video shows a Michigan hunter taking down a black bear from a treestand with a crossbow.

Check out this clip that’s sure to get you excited for next year’s black bear hunting season.

After watching this clip, you are now familiar with how people in Michigan conduct themselves on a black bear hunting excursion. Did you notice how clean and accurate that shot was?

According to this YouTube user, the black bear in this video had a dressed weight of 341 pounds. This illustrates just how lucrative black bear hunting in Michigan can be.

If you want to harvest a black bear like the guy in this video, it won’t happen overnight. But with practice and patience you can have a successful black bear hunting adventure.

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This is How Michiganders Go Bear Hunting [VIDEO]