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Michigan Woman Wrestles 10-Point Buck She Thought Was Dead

woman wrestles 10 point

A Michigan woman thought this buck was dead, she was very wrong.

Shawna Hoekstra of Alto, Michigan found out just how strong a deer’s will to live is can be.

The buck she originally thought was dead turned out to be anything but!

Hoekstra and her children spotted the buck injured Tuesday morning after apparently being shot by a hunter. When she thought it was dead, she moved in to recover it. It ended up being a very bad idea.

“Coming at me with that kind of rack, with that many points on it, I could be really injured. And that’s why I grabbed the rack, to get control of the head,” Hoekstra told News Channel 8. “And in grabbing the antlers, I just threw it to the ground and sat on it.”

But that didn’t work the way she planned. She quickly ended up at the deer’s mercy.

“I didn’t get scared until it had my leg pinned,” she told the station. That’s when 911 was called by Hoekstra’s father. Firefighters and sheriffs deputies responded to the scene.

Eventually a firefighter was able to get the deer off Hoekstra and a deputy finally put the buck out of is misery.

This is why you always approach an apparently dead deer from behind and poke it first with a stick or the barrel of your firearm, you never know what they’re going to do!


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Michigan Woman Wrestles 10-Point Buck She Thought Was Dead