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Michigan Woman Miraculously Finds 2 Morel Mushrooms of a Lifetime

morel mushroom

It's hard to find one morel this large, let alone two!

A Michigan woman has found not one, but two monstrous morel mushrooms that are enough to make any morel hunter green with envy.

Onondaga resident Rebecca Reul stumbled across the two mammoth mushrooms on May 22 at the base of a dead elm tree in Jackson County. It was the kind of sight most morel hunters can only dream of. "I think my jaw hit the ground," Reul told "I thought for a second, 'am I dreaming this?'"


That would be a reasonable reaction for most any morel mushroom hunter. Each of the mushrooms is more than a foot tall. They weigh about a pound each. Morel mushroom season is drawing near a close in most parts of the country. Reul found the mushrooms on what she expects was one of the last good days to search.

The two monsters are the culmination for the greatest season Reul has ever seen for mushroom hunting. "I found 73 morels under one tree," she told

Obviously, like most highly successful morel hunters, she's being mum on where exactly she located the two huge morels. She did tell MLive it was somewhere in Jackson County. She's uncertain if these morels will be eaten, but she also noted how they would be quite filling.

"If we do eat them, one would make a meal for everybody," Reul told


This spring has been an excellent one for morel hunting, as evidenced by the many huge mushroom photos that have been hitting the internet. A similarly monstrous morel made the rounds on social media about a month ago after being found by a turkey hunter in Missouri.

Perhaps the only thing better than two monstrous mushrooms is finding a true honey hole for them like this video displays. Then there was the Michigan-shaped morel a guy attempted to sell on Ebay for $10,000.

It sure has been a great year for morels!

While morel season is pretty much drawing to a close in most parts of the country, be sure to check out David Smith's article for some more tips if you want to go out for some late-season searching. Who knows? You may be the next one to find a giant of the forest.

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Michigan Woman Miraculously Finds 2 Morel Mushrooms of a Lifetime