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Michigan Wildlife Council to Show Role of Sportsmen and Sportswomen in Conservation

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The Michigan Wildlife Council is taking steps to promote the role of sportsmen and sportswoman in conservation.

The Michigan Wildlife Council is embarking on a statewide campaign to show how vital hunting, fishing and trapping are to wildlife and habitat management throughout the state.

"Our main goal with this campaign is to build awareness of the essential role that sportsmen and sportswomen play in furthering wildlife conservation in Michigan," said Carol Moncrieff Rose, Michigan Wildlife Council chairwoman. "We are excited to see what messages and creative products the selected firm is able to develop around what we learn from the baseline research."

Campaign materials will highlight the role of sportsmen and sportswomen, and outdoor traditions in conservation, preservation and management of Michigan's natural resources. Other ways the campaign will show the value of the state's outdoor heritage include highlighting how important hunting and fishing is to the state's economy. The campaign will also provide funding for conservation and management of natural resources.

The council has sent out a request for proposals from marketing and advertising firms that can manage the campaign. The selected firm will conduct research into the public perception of hunting, fishing and trapping. The campaign will be formed from that research.

Rose stressed:

Michigan's traditions of hunting, fishing and trapping add so much to the quality of life in this state -- for all outdoor recreation enthusiasts. It's important that we effectively tell that story of how those traditions help to sustain the natural resources heritage that is such a big part of Michigan's history, appeal and character.

Hopefully the campaign will be successful and other states will follow suite with their own campaigns.

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Michigan Wildlife Council to Show Role of Sportsmen and Sportswomen in Conservation