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Michigan White Perch Record Broken on Muskegon Lake

The Michigan white perch record was broken, the second state fish record in January.

Aaron Slagh, of Holland, Michigan was fishing on Muskegon Lake on January 21, when he reeled in the 13.25-inch white perch while ice fishing with a spoon, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Verification of the record came from Rich O’Neal, a DNR fisheries biologist, who weighed the perch at the Muskegon field office. Records are determined by weight only.

“It was just another normal day on the ice for me, as I get out as much as I can,” Slagh told the DNR. “We were actually targeting yellow perch and I thought I had a walleye. When we pulled it up we thought ‘Holy cow – that’s a big white perch!'”

Michigan DNR Fisheries Division Chief Jim Dexter added “This winter, despite the extreme weather most of Michigan has been experiencing, is shaping up to be a great time for many anglers. This latest state record once again showcases the quality of the state’s fisheries.”

The previous Michigan white perch record dates back to 2002, when a 1.88-pounder was caught on Lake Huron.

Back on January 12, the Michigan catfish record was broken by Dale Blakley with this 52-pound monster.


Featured image via Michigan DNR.

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Michigan White Perch Record Broken on Muskegon Lake