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Western Michigan Waters Produce 2 Record Catches in April [PICS]

All images via Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Waters in West Michigan produced two state-record catches in April.

The records, confirmed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, were for black buffalo and white perch.

Sage Colegrove of Muskegon broke the black buffalo record April 12 on the Grand River in Ottawa County. Colegrove’s catch weighed 44.54 pounds and measured 38.50 inches. Colegrove was bowfishing.

The previous state record black buffalo was caught by Joshua Teunis on Bear Lake in Muskegon County June 15, 2014. That fish weighed 41.25 pounds and measured 38.25 inches.

 Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Cindy Lou Corde of North Muskegon reeled in the state record white perch from Bear Lake on April 18. The fish weighed 2.0 pounds and measured 13.57 inches. Cordo was baitcasting with a spinner.

The previous state record white perch was caught by Aaron Slagh on Muskegon Lake Jan. 21, 2014. That fish weighed 1.93 pounds and measured 13.25 inches.

Michigan state records are recognized by weight only. To qualify for a state record, fish must exceed the current listed state record weight and identification must be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist.

These were the second and third state record fish caught in 2015.

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Western Michigan Waters Produce 2 Record Catches in April [PICS]