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Michigan Teen Writes Guide to Mill Creek Fishing


A teenager from Dexter has written a guide for Mill Creek fishing, and is helping the fishery to thrive. 

Jake Taylor is a 16-year-old from the Dexter, Michigan area who loves fishing at Mill Creek so much he’s written a guide about it.

Entitled “Mill Creek: A Teenagers Fishing Guide,” the book is a pocket-sized companion for Mill Creek fishing. The book’s 19 pages are filled with information about catching trout, bass, pike, and more in Mill Creek.

The fishery at Mill Creek has been developing since 2008, when the Dexter Dam was removed and a waterfront park was created. In 2010 the Ann Arbor chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) stocked Mill Creek with brown trout as an experiment.

Meanwhile, Taylor had gone on several fishing trips with is grandfather and caught something he couldn’t identify in Mill Creek. He later found out it was a trout, the first ever caught in Mill Creek, and Taylor had his picture taken with the fish.

Bill Phillips, a member of TU, saw the photo of the trout and attempted to locate Taylor and find out where the fish was caught. Since then Taylor and Phillips have been spearheading efforts to educate people of Mill Creek fishing opportunities.

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For each fish he catches in the stream, Taylor records the information and shares it with TU and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Recently, the Department announced it would begin stocking Mill Creek with trout.

Taylor is a regular at Mill Creek, even more so now then before, and Phillips has seen him helping others on the water. Small groups gather around Taylor, who shares his knowledge about lures and techniques, and the popularity of the stream is growing.

Known to release all of his catches, Taylor told reporters, “I’m a firm believer of catch and release.”

Wanting to share his information with the community, Taylor has made his book available for free to those who make a donation to TU.

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Michigan Teen Writes Guide to Mill Creek Fishing