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Michigan State Record Quillback Caught in the Same Pond as 2014 Record

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan sees its fourth state record fish caught in 2015 with a quillback carpsucker, breaking the previous record by more than a quarter of a pound.

It has been a pretty good year for Michigan fishing to say the least, with the state records of four different fish species broken before the year is halfway over.

It’s also a good year for angler Garrett Reid, who managed to catch the new state record quillback carpsucker, as confirmed by the DNR.

Michigan DNR

Reid was bowfishing on Hardy Dam Pond on June 20th when he caught the big fish. As luck would have it, Hardy Dam Pond also produced the previous state record quillback, caught just under a year ago in August of 2014. It sounds like this pond has some pretty incredible fish, doesn’t it? Whereas the 2014 record fish weighed 8.25 pounds & measured 22.62″ in length, Reid’s fish came in at 8.52 pounds and was 24″ long. The Michigan fish records are based solely on weight.

This big quillback is the fourth fish to break standing Michigan state records in 2015, preceded by a 28.61-pound freshwater drum, a 44.54-pound black buffalo, and a 2-pound white perch, all caught in various places around the state. To qualify, a fish must be weighed on a commercial scale, at a grocery store, for instance, and verified by a DNR fisheries biologist

Congrats to Reid for the new Michigan state record quillback, and to the state of Michigan for an outstanding year in fishing so far!

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Michigan State Record Quillback Caught in the Same Pond as 2014 Record