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Michigan State Police Rescue Skunk Stuck in Yogurt Cup


Being in law enforcement is a dirty job sometimes!

Law enforcement officials generally have a pretty thankless job and they sometimes have to do the dirty jobs no one else will.

That was the case on Thursday when a state trooper had to come to the rescue of a skunk that got its head stuck in a yogurt cup in Michigan's Royal Oak Township.


Troopers got the call that the terrified skunk was spraying everything as it struggled to find its way out of the cup. According to, a state trooper and his partner attempted to get animal control's help after someone called in the animal in distress.

Amazingly, animal control told them they don't handle the rescues of skunks, so the troopers were on their own and quickly came up with a plan to deal with the stinky situation.

"While one trooper used a wooden pole to guide the skunk in a certain direction and distracting the skunk, a second trooper (and the fastest) ran up and gently grabbed the cup, freeing the skunk," the Michigan State Police wrote in a statement. "The skunk took a quick look around, nodded in appreciation and left the area."

No word on if he got sprayed or not in the incident.

Believe it or not, it's not the first time a skunk has gotten stuck in a yogurt cup in Michigan. A Michigan police officer also had the rescue one in the same predicament around this same time last year.

That incident was caught on video and can be seen below.

Someone needs to be more careful discarding their empty yogurt cups. If stories like this keep coming out, Michigan may have a harder time recruiting law enforcement!


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Michigan State Police Rescue Skunk Stuck in Yogurt Cup