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Michigan Senate to Allow Concealed Weapons in 'Gun-Free' Zones


In Michigan, individuals may soon be able to carry concealed weapons in areas previously ruled "gun-free" zones, including schools.

Last Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced several bills that would allow individuals with special permits to carry concealed weapons inside schools, child care centers, hospitals, sports arenas and other "gun-free" areas.

Additionally, it would prohibit concealed weapons permit holders from openly carrying guns in those areas.

With mass shootings on the rise in the United States, the issue of what type of gun-carrying is allowed and in what spaces has been the subject of much debate and scrutiny.

On the one hand, supporters of the legislation argue that allowing more people to responsibly carry guns using concealed weapons permits would help prevent mass shootings.

A large majority of mass shooters have targeted "gun-free" areas because they know victims won't be armed.

Republican Sen. Mike Green of Mayville cites that the proposed bills "will allow more people to carry in more places and allow more citizens the ability to protect themselves and their families in these areas."

Those in opposition of the legislation argue that concealed weapons would make schools less safe.

Three years ago, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed similar legislation because it did not include a provision for local school districts to opt out.

The bills will now head to the full senate where they will be put to a vote.

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Michigan Senate to Allow Concealed Weapons in 'Gun-Free' Zones