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Michigan Poachers Caught with 58 Ducks Hit with $6K in Fines


The men were handed huge fines for poaching 58 ducks in an hour.

Back in October, Michigan DNR officers caught four men red-handed in Ottawa Township after they poached 58 ducks in the first hour of daylight of waterfowl season.

Those men have now been identified and they are being hit with huge fines and restitution for their crimes.

Pleading guilty were Justin Allen Beckman, 20, Michael Duane Sorenson III, 20, Thomas Modderman, 22 and Tyler John Meerman, 24.

Each will have to pay fines of $5,890 for their crimes and will also spend 18 months on probation. Hudsonville Judge Kenneth Post sentenced the men to 90 days suspended jail terms.

If they violate their probations, they will have to serve the sentences. The men will also give up the firearms used in the incident and will lose hunting privileges for the next three years according to

When the men were caught earlier this year, DNR officials found 23 mallards and 35 wood ducks in their possession, more than twice the legal limit. Conservation Officer David Rodgers called it the worst case of waterfowl poaching he'd ever seen.

Rogers actually observed the men in the act of their crime for almost an hour and noted they were laughing about all the ducks they were taking before taking action.

It was discovered the men had been throwing corn into the pond in order to attract the birds before they shot them. Some other charges in the case were dropped as a part of a plea deal with the men.

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Michigan Poachers Caught with 58 Ducks Hit with $6K in Fines