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Michigan Man Survives 66 Days in the Wilderness to Win $500,000

Dave McIntyre of Kentwood, Mich., survived 66 days in the wild to win the second season of History Channel's "Alone" survival series.

McIntyre and nine other contestants were dropped off on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, to survive by themselves, filming their survival day-by-day.

"You have total freedom to do anything you want, but really you only want to do two things, you wanna get a meal and go to bed," McIntyre says.

The contestants received a medical check once a week. Other than that, their only outside contact was a satellite phone. Contestants could use the phone to "tap out" of the contest.

"I was out there 66 days alone, surviving with a full time job as a wilderness photographer," says McIntyre. "There was no way I was tapping out of this."

McIntyre says he survived off the land by catching fish and gathering other necessary supplies--and by knowing his family was back home, cheering him on.

He says he's going to use the money to set up college funds for his children.


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Michigan Man Survives 66 Days in the Wilderness to Win $500,000