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Michigan Man Mistakenly Shoots Elk


Well, at least he didn't have to worry about any ground shrinkage.

I don't mean to make light of a bad situation, but this is just one of those news stories that you have to shake your head and laugh at.

November 15th is the opening day for firearm season in Michigan. This year it resulted in a costly mistake for one hunter.

While hunting around the Grayling State Forest area near Atlanta, Michigan one hunter thought he bagged a huge buck. That buck was indeed huge, but it was a huge 6x6 Michigan bull elk instead.

The hunter was supposedly unaware of the difference between an elk and a whitetail, and proceeded to take it to a DNR check station.


The unnamed hunter is now facing some hefty fines. In Michigan we take great care of our elk population, and violations are taken very serious. For an unlicensed kill like this, the hunter is facing a fine of $5,000 and and additional $500 per point.

I'll do the math for you: that was an $11,000 opening day for the poor hunter. It would have been much cheaper for the person to just pay for a guided hunt out west. Jail time of up to 90 days and loss of hunting license for 15 years are also possible repercussions.

Michigan elk are a conservation success story on par with wild turkeys. Having disappeared in the 1800s and then reintroduced in 1918, it is no wonder there are such stiff penalties for shooting one.

Since the reintroduction, elk numbers have been on a steady rise reaching hunt-able numbers in 1964. Currently the Michigan elk population is around 668; make that 667 now.

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Michigan Man Mistakenly Shoots Elk