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Michigan Lawmakers Mulling Over Ban on ‘Weaponized Drones’


The proposed law would make attaching a gun to a drone a felony. 

With drones being such a controversial topic all over the world, Michigan lawmakers are mulling over a law to ban placing weapons them.

Michigan Live reports a bill has now been introduced that would make it illegal to attach any weapon to a drone. This includes weapons that have been obtained through legal means. The bill was first introduced on June 7 and surprisingly enough, has support from both Democrats and Republicans.

“We don’t need flying guns in Michigan,” Rep. Jon Hoadley, D-Kalamazoo said. Hoadley was the one who introduced the bill. The 17 Democrats and seven Republicans who support the bill apparently are hoping the bill will cover all the bases when it comes to the legality of drones with weapons.

Videos of drones with firearms, flamethrowers and even a chainsaw have gone viral on the internet in recent years. Hoadley said he saw one such video. The proposed ban comes up a little over a year after Michigan banned the use of drones for hunting or fishing or interfering in those activities.

If you’re wondering what the bill constitutes as a weapon, it sounds like they are focusing mainly on firearms.  The bill defines it as “a weapon that is designed to be used, shot, fired or discharged remotely.” This includes firearms, bows and crossbows. It also includes a “rubber band device designed to propel a bolt, dart, or arrow.”

Violation of the proposed law would be considered a felony and could result in prison time and large fines.

Hoadley believes a law removing any gray areas concerning drones and weapons is “common sense.”

“For all the cool things happening with drones, adding weapons would put Michigan in the wrong direction,” Hoadley said. “Let’s nip this in the bud before it’s a problem.”



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Michigan Lawmakers Mulling Over Ban on ‘Weaponized Drones’