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Michigan Hunting-Themed Christmas Lights Cause Outrage

Hunting-themed Christmas lights are supposed to fun, but not for this community. 

A female homeowner in Michigan set up a hunting-themed Christmas display to honor her late father, but instead, she has been lambasted by the community in which he lives for creating an “active shooter” situation in her front yard. No really, you read that right.

Just so you know we aren’t making this up, Fox 17 of West Michigan covered this story in detail.

One such homeowner in the area, Michael Golliver, drove by the house and thought there was a gunman in their yard. He actually turned his car around to make sure of what he was seeing.

Next, he took to Facebook to voice his concerns for everyone to read.

The images above, clearly show what looks to be a gunman in body armor aiming across a township street, and they looked even more menacing in the early twilight – when I first saw and reported them to the police.

…Look, I’m not “anti” second amendment, and I have no idea if this is just somebody’s idea of a sick joke, or if they are trying to threaten or intimidate one of their neighbors.

All I know is this gunman has no place overlooking a major road that so many students have to use everyday.

Okay, so then there’s that. Where do you come in on this story? Is this just harmless Christmas decorations that are fun to look at and enjoy, or is it like what Mr. Golliver describes, as something else?


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Michigan Hunting-Themed Christmas Lights Cause Outrage