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Michigan Hunting License Process Gets Tweaked

Folks who purchase a Michigan hunting license will have some new changes March 1, 2014.

The Detroit News published a story on the tweaks, stating that it’s a streamlined process to help save the state’s wildlife management duties some money, and of course comes with some fee increases.

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All hunters in Michigan will be required to purchase a base license for $11, giving them the right to hunt small game. The game and prices go up from there, with individual increases for waterfowl ($12), deer ($20) and wolves ($100). Fishing will remain a separate license and not adopt the base and incremental structure.

A spokesperson for Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said that the changes will allow for better allocation of wildlife conservation and management funding, as well as serve as an introductory mechanism to bring new people, who often start with small game hunting, into the state’s outdoor economy.

Specifically talking deer hunting, three options will be available under the new Michigan hunting license structure.

A single deer license will replace separate firearm and archery licenses. Muzzleloaders will also fall into a one size fits all category. A deer combo license, like in the past, can be purchased to include a restricted license. The cost is $40, and the restrictions are regarding antler points in various different locations throughout the state.

A final option combines fishing to bring together all of the above for $76.

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Do you see the new structure making it easier for Michigan hunters? What would you change about your own hunting license process? Leave your comments below.

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Michigan Hunting License Process Gets Tweaked