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Michigan Grouse Hunt Takes a 2-Man Limit of Birds [VIDEO]

Good shooting and a couple of great dogs help these guys take their limit of grouse in Michigan.

Grouse hunting is one of the most fun and challenging hunts we enjoy.

Daunting at times with cover that will slap you in the face and flushes that will leave you shaking your head the ruffed grouse challenge is one we all cherish.

To limit-out on these birds is rare indeed and these guys did it!

Caution: strong language used in the video.

First of all, the camera guy knows how to handle his over-and-under 20 gauge like a boss!

Some of us like our 12, but a 20 gauge is perfect for chasing these fast flushing ‘glimpses’ of a bird.

With the help of two good flushers, especially that across-the-river retrieve, these guys accomplished something not many hunters do: a full 10-bird limit!

On another note, someone calling themselves “The Consummate Sportsman” might want to eliminate the cussing altogether, and oh, by the way- how about wait until after you drive home to break out the bottle of Seagram’s 7?

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Michigan Grouse Hunt Takes a 2-Man Limit of Birds [VIDEO]