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Michigan Forest Fire Map Helps Find Morel Mushrooms [PICS]

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A new tool developed in Michigan helps foragers of morel mushrooms find likely hunting grounds.

Finding morel mushrooms can be a challenge, even if you already have a secret spot or two. However, there are some tips to narrow down your search.

Morel mushrooms tend to grow in larger quantities in areas where white, red, and jack pines were burned a year prior.

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To assist foragers, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) created a tool that shows areas where there was a prescribed burn or wildfire of 10 acres or more in 2014.

The DNR’s Mi-Morels tool includes acreage burned, latitude and longitude coordinates, state land boundary information, and in some cases, the forest cover type for mushroom hunters.

morel mushroom map

The Michigan DNR conducted burns at many sites in more than 50 counties in 2014, which means opportunities abound for foragers. Paul Kollmeyer, the resource protection manager for the DNR Forest Resources Division stated:

Each spring we get calls from people who are seeking details on those sites to hunt morels…We’ve created this map to give our customers the information they are looking for in a mobile-friendly, easily accessible package.

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Michigan Forest Fire Map Helps Find Morel Mushrooms [PICS]