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Michigan Fisherman Reels in Old Camera, Hunts Down Owner

ABC News

A fisherman’s catch on Lake Michigan hauls in a digital camera and a two-year-old mystery.

Andre Monterio Da Rocha was on a fishing trip near Grand Haven with friends when he hooked into something that he would never forget: an Olympus Stylus 710 digital camera.

It was then that the mystery began with the first clue as Monterio Da Rocha “opened it to see if the memory card was still there, and it was all full of mud and mussels growing inside.”


Once Monterio Da Rocha had done what we all would do, which is take the memory card home and see if it still worked, he soon found 19 pictures still perfectly visible.

The big clue was the picture taken of a “Mike’s Family Pharmacy” sign that was located on the tee box of a local golf course, probably placed there during a tournament or fundraiser.


After contacting Michael Cook, owner of the pharmacy, (and promptly getting hung up on) it wasn’t long before Cook told his friends Dave and Deborah Hays that their lost and forgotten camera had actually been found!

The camera had fallen overboard on a sailing trip in the big lake in 2013 and certainly given up on as gone forever. That is, until now.


“The whole thing was amazing,” said Monterio Da Rocha. “I’m glad I could give them back their memories.”

The next time you find something like this fishing, don’t give up hope! You never what you could find.

All images via ABC NEWS/Deborah Hays


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Michigan Fisherman Reels in Old Camera, Hunts Down Owner