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Michigan DNR Asks for Help Locating Denned Bears in Lower Peninsula

Flickr/Tony Faiola

Michigan hunters, trappers and outdoor adventurers are being asked to alert the Department of Natural Resources DNR if they discover a denned black bear this fall.

The DNR is looking to fit more black bears with radio collars for a research project.

“Information gathered from bears assists in managing the black bear population,” said Mark Boersen, DNR wildlife biologist at the Roscommon Customer Service Center. “Currently, we have four female bears being monitored from both air and ground using radio-tracking equipment.”

Michigan DNR Bulletin

If a bear is determined to be suitable, says the Michigan DNR, it’s sedated and fitted with a radio collar and ear tags. A biologist also collects samples of hair for DNA analysis and a tooth to determine its age.

The procedure doesn’t take long, and biologists are careful with the bears, according to the DNR. In addition, they remind the population that, other than the biologists, it is illegal to bother a bear in its den.

Anyone who finds a denned black bear in the Lower Peninsula should record the location via GPS, if possible, and provide location information to Mark Boersen by phone at 989-275-5151 or email at [email protected]

Thanks in advance, Wide Open Spaces, for your help in engaging in this Michigan-based project.

Image via Michigan DNR Bulletin

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Michigan DNR Asks for Help Locating Denned Bears in Lower Peninsula