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Michigan DNR Asking for Public Help in Finding Poachers of 18 Deer

Travis Smola

Eighteen deer have been killed with small caliber rifles over a year-long period. 

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is still looking for information on a serial poacher or poachers responsible for killing 18 deer between October 2014 and September of 2015.

The DNR sent out a press release looking for the public’s help in gathering information back in September. Since then, they’ve had no leads in the mysterious case. And apparently, the call for public help spooked the responsible party, because there hasn’t been an incident in the area since the DNR asked for tips.

The first deer was found on Treeline Drive on October 26, 2014, and the last two were found on Easthill Drive on September 13, 2015. Easthill Drive appears to be the poacher’s favorite haunt, as residents in the area reported finding at least 11 deer dead in that area. Hunting is not allowed the areas that Norton Shores Police Chief Jon Gale described as housing “hundreds of homes” to MLive.

Other than the fact that the poachers or poachers used small caliber rifles, law enforcement has no leads and they received no tips when they first asked for help back in September. Further contributing to the difficulty in gathering clues, officials believe the deer may have ran long distances because of the small caliber of the weapons before they expired.

The DNR is still asking anyone with information to contact them on the state’s Report All Poaching hotline at 1-800-292-7800 or through the Michigan DNR website. Informants can remain anonymous when giving information.



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Michigan DNR Asking for Public Help in Finding Poachers of 18 Deer