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Michigan Creates Blue Ribbon Advisory Group to Handle Game Areas

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The future of hunting and fishing on state lands in Michigan will rest on the shoulders of these folks. 

On Thursday, May 7, the Michigan DNR announced the formation of a new Blue Ribbon Advisory group that will be responsible for planning the future of all state land maintained by the state.

Currently, the DNR is responsible for maintaining the habitats, woods, waters, and animal populations within those areas for residents of the state to pursue. These areas are also focus points for many other outdoor recreational opportunities for residents such as running snowmobiles or quads.

As seen directly from the Michigan DNR press release, the new group will primarily be focused on:

  • Overall use and intensity on state game areas.
  • Funds and agreements used to acquire these lands.
  • Current timing and diversity of uses.
  • Vision for the future of state game areas.
  • Potential habitat or strategic management changes that could enhance high-quality hunting, trapping or angling experiences.
  • Potential for expanding compatible recreational uses and management activities

This group will be chaired by several individuals yet to be named, but William Demmer, the former president of Boone and Crockett and CEO of Demmer Corporation, along with Dan Eichinger, the executive director of Michigan United Conservation Clubs, have been hand-picked to help run and maintain this group from the start.

“We are excited to have two great leaders managing this important review,” said Russ Mason, DNR Wildlife Division chief. “This type of review will help us plan our future management on these areas and be forward thinking as the individual interests of these areas may change.”

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Michigan Creates Blue Ribbon Advisory Group to Handle Game Areas