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Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector Goes with Scent-Lok

Scent-Lok is releasing a new line of hunting apparel with Bone Collector and host Michael Waddell.

Most outdoorsmen know the Bone Collector team, headed by Michael Waddell and his Brotherhood of fellow hunters.

Now you can dress like them too with Scent-Lok’s new collaborative line of hunting apparel.

The technology behind Scent-Lok has been proven to be some of the most effective smell-free material, thanks to their Carbon Alloy odor elimination. Coming in the Spring of 2015, the versatile line will feature things like six-pocket pants and crew shirts, plus seamless compression shorts and odor-control liquids.

“To put our name and reputation on a line of products, especially clothing, was a huge decision. We looked at lots of companies, but Scent-Lok was far and away the best of them all,” said Michael Waddell in the official release. “In addition to making the most durable and best-fitting gear, we know their patented carbon technology is unmatched in the industry.”

The feeling is mutual from the other side of the table.

“We’ve always been a collaborative company when it comes to product design. Working with Michael, T-Bone and Nick will continue that tradition and help us provide the best gear on the market today in terms of form, fit and function,” said Pat Hylant, Executive Vice President of Scent-Lok. “Add their experience and our twenty-plus years of fabric design and we feel that this is a perfect partnership for the consumer.”

Bone Collector has been a flagship program on the Outdoor Channel since its start in 2007, and Scent-Lok has been cranking out their high-performing odor-control gear since 1992.


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Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector Goes with Scent-Lok