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Michael Waddell Talks Cecil the Lion and You Should Listen [VIDEO]

Cecil The Lion

It seems like everyone has an opinion on this Cecil the Lion business, but now that Michael Waddell has shared his, you’ll want to listen.

The Cecil the Lion story that has been circulating the news is arguably the biggest hunting story the world has seen. No matter what your opinion on the ordeal, you have to agree that in essence, the whole world has their eyes on hunters and hunting in general right now.

Hunters need to take this as an opportunity to spread the good word about hunting and turn this publicity into a positive and not a negative. Take a look at Michael Waddell‘s stance on the whole Cecil the Lion situation and see what you think.”>

One thing you can do to help as a hunter is to make sure you are informed. It is very easy to see from the video that Michael Waddell has kept himself very well informed and has used that information to form an opinion that he was able to share with others.

Educate yourself and then make sure to know your opinion, no matter what they are, so that we can help keep negative hunting publicity out of the news.

The more hunters speak out and share our personal opinions in an informed way, the better chance we have of coming out of this in a positive light.

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Michael Waddell Talks Cecil the Lion and You Should Listen [VIDEO]