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Michael Waddell Speaks the Truth About Hunting and Its Haters

Watch as Michael Waddell tells it like it is.

Michael Waddell is one of the most accomplished hunters in the world. His personality and ability as a hunter created opportunities for him to hunt for a living. It is the stuff some guys dream of.

Being such a prominent figure in the hunting world would certainly have its downfall. Recently Michael Waddell posted a video about a hunting blind on social media. The video drew tons of positive feedback, but negative comments popped up as well.

Watch as Waddell addresses the negative commenters and all divisive hunters.

That’s what I call straight shootin’.

Michael Waddell addresses a situation that is universal. At some point, all hunters will either judge the actions of others, or will fall victim to judgement. It seems to be the nature of people.

The important thing to remember is we all develop our own perspective of what hunting is. Hunting is whatever you make it.

I remember one conversation I had with a local gent a few years back. He mentioned he saw me hunting some rugged canyon ground. When he saw me he wondered how I would ever get anything out if I killed something. You could tell the fella thought I was crazy to be crawling around in those bottoms.

A few days later I was explaining the situation to a friend of mine. He squared me away on the topic once and for all. The truth is me and the local had completely different visions of what hunting is. In other words, when I hear the word “hunting” the vision that pops in my mind is an archer tramping off the beaten path. When he hears the same word, my guess is he envisions driving in a pickup to the next hunting spot.

Neither is right, and neither is wrong. Neither is a superior man because of their chosen hunting method. In fact, I’ve gotten to know the gent over the past few years and he is a great guy. Like Waddell spoke about, hunting is whatever you make it.

With all the outside pressure facing the hunting community today we ought to support one another in legal hunting actions. It doesn’t mean we can’t josh one another from time to time. What it does mean is that when the chips are down we support all of hunting, rather than our chosen pursuit.



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Michael Waddell Speaks the Truth About Hunting and Its Haters