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Michael Waddell Kills Monster Free Range Buck with a Radio Collar

Michael Waddell smokes a buck with ear tags and a radio neck collar. Crazy thing is that it’s a 100 percent free range whitetail.

Michael Waddell has made an outstanding career from harvesting trophy animals. But this is one trophy we can almost guarantee he won’t ever get again.

Waddell harvested this monster whitetail buck in the great state of Kansas that had a yellow tag on each ear and a radio transmitted neck collar.

What started out as a normal bow hunt on his private property in Kansas next to a DNR refuge, ended up being one that he will forever remember when a mature whitetail with a collar started to make his way towards the Bone Collector’s stand.


In the video, when you see the deer enter the frame, it feels as if the deer is a pet. The ear tags and collar make your mind start to wonder, what is going on here? Waddell puts a great shot on the deer once it comes into range and the rest is history.

Upon recovery, they find a DNR number to call and the information that follows is amazing.

The call informs them that the deer has been tagged on the refuge that connects to Waddell’s hunting ground. After some time, Michael receives the radio collar information from Sterling College (researchers who tagged the buck) and the data is awesome.

The data shows that this buck was 6 1/2-years-old when Waddell shot the buck and that he traveled up to 9 miles to find food at times during the winter. Watch the video to find out more.

Awesome story and video. Not many people will ever be able to have a buck with a radio collar on their wall.


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Michael Waddell Kills Monster Free Range Buck with a Radio Collar