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Michael Pitts on Hunting Posers Becoming “Instafamous”

This hilarious video by Michael Pitts is just one hunter’s view on the do’s and don’ts of  becoming “Instafamous”!

We all have seen pictures of hot girls in bikinis holding up trophy animals they supposedly shot and killed all by themselves. Now, before you get your feathers ruffled let, me say that I am aware that there are a good number of women that actually do participate in the great lifestyle of hunting. You ladies are a fine specimen. However, there are also those ladies who show up ‘after the kill’ and are there simply to sell a photo on Instagram.

Well, if you fall into the second group of ladies then Michael Pitts sure has a word for you. Check it out!

“Every time I turn around, it’s another hot chick holding a shed. And then the next week she’s on 15 different pro-staffs,” he says

How true is that statement. Let’s be honest for a moment and recognize the fact that the hunting and fishing industry has been infiltrated by marketing gurus and pageant queens looking to advance themselves into some type of outdoor celebrity status.

When did loving the outdoors and wanting to help promote its preservation efforts mean you had to be a 5 foot, blonde female wearing a camo bikini top while hunting for Dall Sheep in Alaska. Makes no sense if you ask me.

Give it up, hunting and fishing industry. Let’s get back to the things that make hunting and fishing so great!



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Michael Pitts on Hunting Posers Becoming “Instafamous”