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Miami Heat Players Take Down Two Florida Gators [PICS]

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Looks like players from Miami Heat go gator hunting when they don't go to the playoffs. 

You don't have to be an NBA basketball fan to appreciate these photos found on the Instagram accounts of Miami Heat players Udonis Haslem and Chris Anderson. Both players purchased alligator trapping agent licenses on April 27, 2015, which allowed them to go gator hunting with a licensed alligator trapper in Florida.

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I know Haslem is pretty big, but by the looks of the pictures on his Instagram page, I don't think he is making that gator look small.

However, Anderson, commonly referred to as Birdman, bagged one serious gator.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Haslem lives right in the middle of gator country, so getting out into the swamp to find these big lizards was literally right in his backyard.

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Miami Heat Players Take Down Two Florida Gators [PICS]