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Mexican Grey Wolf Found Dead in New Mexico

Federal Authorities are investigating the death of a Mexican Grey Wolf last month in New Mexico.

Last Thursday the U.S. Fish & Wildlife service announced in its monthly briefing that a Mexican grey wolf was found dead in New Mexico last month.

This particular wolf, one of an estimated 83 living in New Mexico and parts of eastern Arizona, was uncollared, and therefore the research team could not provide any information pertaining to this particular wolf’s history.

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The Mexican grey wolf is one of several predator species that the Fish & Wildlife Service has attempted to reintroduce to the American Southwest, often with fierce opposition. Illegal killings, among other things, have made it difficult for the re-introduced species to become established in their new territory.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident are ongoing.

Do you live in an area where predator spices have been re-introduced? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Mexican Grey Wolf Found Dead in New Mexico