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Metallica Goes Bear Hunting, But Not in the Way You'd Think [VIDEO]

Metallica dresses up as rifle-wielding bears in this short film.

Last month, a group of anti-hunter Britons tried to ban Metallica from performing at the Glastonberry Festival - held June 25-29 in England - over the frontman's involvement in a bear hunting show.

The petition failed, and Metallica went on with the show last Saturday.

But before they took the stage, they poked fun at their critics by playing a bizarre short film made by English filmmaker Jullien Temple.

WARNING: There's some graphic (but fake) footage in the video.

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The film opens with a scene from The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (Metallica starts every live show with one of the film's songs, The Ecstasy of Gold) and then takes a sharp turn to a fox hunt in an English countryside.

When the fox chase kicks into high gear, a voice says, "What does the fox say?" followed by the 70's classic rock song Fox on the Run by Sweet.

Things get even weirder when four bears, played by the band members, step out of the woods and gun down the fox hunters.

It's an indirect reference to Hetfield's narration of The Hunt, a History Channel mini-series about bear hunting on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

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Metallica Goes Bear Hunting, But Not in the Way You'd Think [VIDEO]