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Testing Metal Coat Hanger Flechette Shotgun Shells [VIDEO]

Flechette shotgun shells have been touted by some as the perfect home defense load.

These homemade flechette loads made from cut coat hangers just might surprise you.

Watch this test experiment video and decide for yourself how good they really are.

These homemade flechettes tested are cut from a metal coat hanger. There are about 50 loaded in a shotgun shell and they are just under an inch long. Total weight was a standard one ounce.

Flechettes are said by some shooters to be better home defense loads since they may not penetrate household walls like traditional lead buckshot loads. The flechettes in this video usually impact the target sideways. This would make for a destructive wound at close range. The wide pattern would also have a better chance of actually hitting your attacker.

Watch this video and make your assessments on how they would actually work in reality.


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Testing Metal Coat Hanger Flechette Shotgun Shells [VIDEO]