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A Message From One Woman to All Women: “Let Your Men Hunt!” [VIDEO]

Facebook user Riley Anne Garrison of Missouri has a message for ladies whose men like to hunt…

A video created in mid-October preaches a message that sportsmen the world over have been trying to get their significant others to hear for quite some time.

She promotes hunting season as a time for men to be with themselves, to become one with nature, to think, and not think, to not have someone barking orders at them.

She goes on to describe three ways to find out if a man loves you or not…

1. If a man asks you to go hunting with him, you go with him. If a man loves that woman and asks that woman to go with him, he loves that woman. Even if he’s a single man that asks a woman to go hunting, he’s trying to love her.

2. If a man shares that kill with you, he loves you. If he wants to share the opportunity to take a photo with his kill, he loves you. While other hunters may not want to share the spotlight of a crowning moment with other hunters, she considers this an area of exception. If a man allows you in that moment to make you feel a little more backwoods, that’s love.

3. If a man shares the meat with you, he loves you. If he guts and cleans that deer then goes off with his buddies to drink beer and make chili, that man don’t love you. A man knows that you’re just excited about the kill because you want venison on the table for dinner that night.

She plays on the paranoia of women who blow up a man’s phone while he’s hunting, saying that “Hunting and cell phones are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence.” He’s not answering the phone because he’s hunting.

“Let your men hunt in peace, ladies. Women think about their wedding day, men think about their trophy rooms.”

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A Message From One Woman to All Women: “Let Your Men Hunt!” [VIDEO]