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Merrell is Rebuilding the Hiking Boot with the Capra Bolt

Release your inner mountain goat with the Merrell Capra Bolt.

A new hiking boot hits the market, and the collective reaction these days is, “Yeah, so what?”

It’s tough to stand out with as many high-quality shoemakers as there are out there, and you can try all you want to gain attention with memorable names and nifty marketing angles. Merrell is backing those things up with what might be the most unique new hiking boot to hit the shelves in quite some time.

We received a pair of Capra Bolts and got a first hand look at what makes them so cool.

At first glance, the boots are pretty loud, with flashy silver on a black upper and a neon green sole. That neon color wraps around the M-Select Grip outsole, said to be inspired by the sure-footed mountain goat. They’re definitely not your grandpa’s hiking boots, and that’s a good thing.


Your grandpa’s boots didn’t have the complete feel and performance the Capra Bolts have, with a bellows tongue that completely seals off any debris and a weight that comes in just under two pounds.

The waterproof and moisture-wicking capabilities are strong, tested with an initial step into an ankle-deep puddle. The mid style held up, but the same may not be said for the low-rise versions.

It sounds strange to say a shoe can give you confidence, but after just a few trips up a rocky hill, I could tell the Capra Bolt was going to hold up, and give me far more grip than any other boot I’d worn, other Merrell styles included.


These would be fantastic for hardcore cross training in the mountainous or wet conditions that would normally stop a less motivated hiking boot owner. But, I kid you not, these shoes help push you a little farther, especially into places you wouldn’t normally venture through. If there ever was a boot you’d trust in unstable and slippery conditions, this is the one.


I’ll keep putting these boots through the paces and recap with a further evaluation soon, but in the meantime, know that the Capra Bolt represents one more significant step in the development of hiking boot tech. And that’s a very, very good thing.



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Merrell is Rebuilding the Hiking Boot with the Capra Bolt